For those who have already read the Grail Message

This section will contain interesting articles about important facts which are unknown even to most readers of the book In the Light of Truth.

Did Abdrushin rewrite the Grail Message?

There is no evidence or even a reason for such an assertion. However, there is lots of evidences that Abdrushin did not rewrite the Message, but insisted on retaining the content and form of the Grail Message as he had written it: Abdrushin’s lectures, Abdrushin’s letters and statements, printing the Grail Message, the order of the lectures, the will of Abdrushin... [read the article]

Place the Word of Truth high

The words "Put the Word of the Truth high on a rock" also speak about the high value of the Word, which has to be preserved. This means that the Word must not be interpreted to people in a simplified, trimmed down form that is easily “understandable” also by the brain... [read the article]

Abdruschin, Abdrushin or Abd-ru-shin?

Abdrushin asked people to take attention only to his work In the Light of Truth, and not to his person. Also all of these three versions of the name have been used by Abdrushin himself. So why to care about letter “c” or dashes in the name? Is it really so important..? [read the article]