Abdruschin, Abdrushin or Abd-ru-shin?

Christ, Jesus, Messiah, Savior. All of these names belong to the same person. Also nobody thinks about protesting against the fact that the name of the Son of God have different forms in different countries: Gesù, Jesu, Íosa, Иисус, Ježíš, Jesus...

“If many opponents of faith do not want to know anything more about a Godhead today, it can change nothing of the facts I have stated. People need just omit the word “God”, to delve deeply into the science, and they find exactly the same, only expressed by other words.”

“Whether you say: I voluntarily submit myself to the existing Laws of the Nature, because it is for my good, or if you say: I submit myself to the Will of God which reveals in the Laws of Nature, or to the incomprehensible power that drives the Laws of Nature... is there any difference in the effect?”

(Grail Message by Abdrushin, lecture no. 3: Silence)

If there is no problem which of the names is used to name Son of God or even to name Highest, why someone have to stand so critically on little letter “c” in the name Abdruschin?

Content and form

Some people believe that the name “Abdruschin” as was once written on the Grail Message, and later, on the lectures, when Oskar Ernst Bernhardt started to use the pseudonym “Abd-ru-shin”, should be respectively strictly kept exactly as it was once upon the time. But do they know why these names were used at various times?

The name Abd-ru-shin is not of Arab origin, as it is often claimed – Arabs even do not know to translate this name, but the name was once given its holder under the command of God by Is-ma-el, in the Empire of Ismans. Author of the Grail Message thus in fact modified the original form of the name Abd-ru-shin to the name Abdruschin because of the German nation, which uses instead of “sh” letters “sch”. After all, German nation was the called nation – why should be not therefore the form of the name adapted to the pronunciation of the German nation? Also the dashes were removed because they have not usage in European names this way. And when was the vocation of the German nation taken away, why the form of the name should not be re-adapted as required by changed circumstances? Because what matters is only the meaning of the word or name, “what” or “whom” is the name pointing to, not jottings which were used in the word. The forms have not any sense of own besides carrying the content.

Short story instead of long words

Once upon a time an order of poor monks was established. In their rules was written, among other things, that the monks had to wear plain clothes made from sheep's wool. This rule was followed through centuries, until one day a doubt rise up between the monks: “Why should we wear the habit of sheep's wool? Could we not dress into something else? It's too expensive...”

When the doubts of monks came to the oldest of the Order, horrified by the words about the rules, which were approved by centuries, he spoke resolutely: “Nothing can be adjusted. Everything should remain as it is. Or do you think that you are bigger than the one who determined so? Founder of our order decided so in the wisdom, from which we draw all the time, and which keeps our Order for centuries. We must strictly follow everything as he decided.”

But the asseveration of the old monk did not help and even more monks began to doubt the regulation. But those who do not satisfy with a blind faith and are not afraid to seek will find the truth. Finally the monks found out that in the province, from which came the founder of the order, in that time bred lot of sheep and therefore cloth from sheep's wool was the cheapest.

Monks at the same time with a better understanding of the regulations of the order also received acknowledgment that verbatim observance of things which man does not understand is not right and can lead to the mistakes.

The will of Abdruschin?

If someone wants to claim that the name Abdruschin must be used because such was the will of the author of the Grail Message, we should ask whether this was also his last will. Looking at the period since 1937, we will find that he completely stopped using the pseudonym Abdruschin in the germanized form and returned to the original version of the name Abdrushin, which he used also as a signature.

So when we talk about Abdrushin's will, in effect should be his last will. After all, similarly it is also in earthly matters. If someone writes testament, and it will be his whole life in effect, but at the end of his life he will change it, in effect remains explicitly only his last will, as if the previous decision never existed. And the same it is in the spiritual field. If man is doing something wrong, even in his whole life, but at last he recognizes this action as incorrect and changes himself, only his newly attained spiritual status remains.

Usage of the name Abdruschin, Abd-ru-shin and Abdrushin

Oskar Ernst Bernhardt began using the pseudonym Abdruschin at a time when he began to publish the magazine Gralsblätter (Folhetos do Graal). It has been published in Germany between 1923 and 1930. He wrote under the pseudonym Abdruschin also in the magazine Der Ruf (O Chamado) between the years 1927 and 1929.

In the magazine Die Stimme (A Voz), which has been published in the year 1937, he has not used the name Abdruschin not even once, but only the version without the letter “c”. Because this magazine was written in German and for German readers, simillary as the other texts, under which Oskar Ernst Bernhardt signed with the name Abdrushin, it is clear, that the change of the name were in action also for German nation.

Similarly change can be seen also in the library edition of the lectures. While in the Grail Message is used exclusively only the name Abdruschin, in the lectures of Resonances to the Grail Message I. is used also the name Abdrushin without “c” and without dashes:

The judgment lie in it: They are not capable themselves to received the last grace of God! And all of these spiritually lazy people who forfeited to the judgment as disabili will ask:

“How can Abdrushin – Imanuel prove that he is Son of Man?”

(Lecture No. 56: And when mankind will ask...)

“Since Subsequent Creation is now darkened through the slowly developing human spirits and their fall, which was due to the one-sided over-cultivation of the intellect, it was necessary to intervene. In order to put helpfully right again everything in what mankind had failed, Parsifal was linked with the gross matter in Abdrushin. Therefore Abdrushin was Parsifal and also Imanuel, through the continued direct connection of the radiations, which creation cost great preparation and effort. Through his life on the Earth could been given to the Subsequent Creation again power of Light necessary to clarify, strengthen and help to all spiritual, and through it continued the entire Subsequent Creation.”

“The Earth has thus become the last stronghold of the Light on the enemy ground to the Light. Therefore the terminal point of the Light is anchored here. The tighter the direct line of the Triunity of the Light: Imanuel – Parsifal – Abdrushin stretches from one to other day, the more notable an visible becomes the result of the power in the Divine Will, which creates order and forcefully straightens everything which mankind has distorted, if, it can still be straightened. What cannot be straightened must be brooken. The Power of the Light never permits anything intermediate.

Only when the world tremble in the straight stretch of this line of Light from the Divine Power, then mankind will recognize Imanuel in Abdrushin!”

(Lecture No. 57: Let there be light!)

Relevant and irrelevant

Abdrushin asked people to take attention only to his work “In the Light of Truth”, and not to his person. Or do we want to do the same mistake again, before which we were warned, and instead of the Truth we will care about building cult of personality of the Truth bringer? Because only when we respect the Truth, we respect also the Truth bringer. So why it is for some people so important, if the name Abdruschin is written with “c” or without it? Does it change even the smallest grain of the Truth in his work?

Also all of these three versions of the name have been used by Abdrushin himself. So why to care about letter “c” or dashes in the name? Is it really so important? Is it not actually waste of time and energy, which we could and have to use more effectively? Because who of us can say, that he lives fully according to the Word of the Truth? Or do you think that using the letter “c” or dashes will help you to understand the Truth better, or became better human?

Instead of the end

Abdrushin's words from Answers to the questions, published in the magazine Gralsblätter no. 3-4-5, series II, 87th page:

Question: Why did the author chose the name “Abdruschin”?

Answer: With the same rights as a writer chooses a pseudonym for a name. What is the name? Nothing! It even should not be here any more. Abdruschin means nothing special, it is just a pseudonym. —

* At these web pages we used the name Abdrushin, as was the last will of the bearer of this name. The Grail Message is for us The Living Word, not a historical book. However, if some people use the name Abdruschin or Abd-ru-shin, this does not hinder us at all, and we know of whom they speak. But hopefully their speech remains immaculate of hate against those who used another form of the name as they did.