Place the Word of Truth high

“Place the Word of Truth high on a rock, so that man has to strive in order to attain it.”

These words are often understood as to mean that the Word needs to be protected and access to the book In the Light of Truth should be allowed only to those seekers, who made a strenuous effort to get it. Many even think that they are serving the Light by making access to the Grail Message difficult, all because of this one sentence. Often, however, their motivation for doing so is based on their desire to gain influence over potential members of their group. Others understand this sentence to mean that the book must be expensive in order to be valuable to man, and they have built a good business for themselves from its sale. But did someone ask them to do this? The answer is no, because already in the next sentence Abdrushin wrote: “Such is the command upon which I act.” Thus, He protected the Word himself, not asking anybody else to get in the way of Truth seekers for the Grail Message.

The effort of obtaining the Word refers to the spiritual work that is required of man to discover the Truth. Therefore Abdrushin chose the difficult form of sentences, which requires full attention and concentration to be understood. It is exactly this exertion in reading the Grail Message that is the indispensable spiritual work which the human spirit needs in order to awaken from his spiritual sleep and to keep him in a state of alertness. However, this is not the only thing has to do, for he must also find the Truth within himself. To achieve this he has to compare himself and all of his life’s experiences with every single sentence in the book. And only then, when man changes his whole life according to the Word, can he profit from it. That is the true meaning of the words “man has to strive in order to attain it”, not the difficulties of obtaining the gross-material book!

The words “Put the Word of the Truth high on a rock” also speak about the high value of the Word, which has to be preserved. This means that the Word must not be interpreted to people in a simplified, trimmed down form that is easily “understandable” also by the brain and without spiritual effort. Doing so has brought the Word down from its height. However, it must remain in its difficult form, “high on the rock”, requiring the spiritual effort that forces humans to change and thus come nearer to the Word themselves. This is also a protection of the Word against misuse, because if someone lost the vigilance of his spirit during his reading, the thread of ideas would break and he could not understand what he read.