About the book In The Light Of Truth

The Grail Message by Abdrushin is an extraordinary work, the value of which cannot be compared to all the treasures of the world. If you are a real Truth-seeker, reading the book In The Light Of Truth can help you find it. For many years we have ourselves studied all kinds of religions, philosophies, secret and ancient teachings and have tried to join together all the various shards of Truth we found, but we have never met such an integrated source of knowledge as in Abdrushin's work.

In the Grail Message it is possible to find what man already feels deep inside himself - simple and deep Truth - in a clear and undistorted form. While other teachings often require unconditional, blind acceptance of certain dogma and faith without the possibility of conviction, in the Grail Message we can understand every concept directly and in its whole depth. While religions and philosophies often contain contradictions, and while their teaching of certain absurd declarations is bound to evoke reasonable doubt, the book In The Light Of Truth helps us to join partial knowledge into a complete picture and at the same time remove incorrect opinions that prevent us from gaining spiritual consciousness. Even upon the most careful examination of the Grail Message we have never found a single contradiction there. The book In The Light Of Truth, like no other book, permits an understanding of things which other teachings only attempt to express. Abdrushin puts such deep Truths into the book In The Light Of Truth that each Truth could be expanded into many books.

Often different subjects are hidden under certain chapters of the Grail Message and you can gain an integrated understanding only after reading more intensively the surrounding lectures. Therefore it is important to read the whole book chronologically - sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. We do not want to say more at this moment, because finding the Truth revealed through your soul’s intuition is something that everyone must do for himself, nobody can do it for you.

We hope that this web page will help to introduce readers to Abdrushin´s work In The Light Of Truth - the Grail Message and will also allow them, to examine the book, so that they will independently and without influence from individuals, various groups and the media develop their own idea about the true content and value of the book.

Simple Truth

Abdrushin wrote that the concept of good and bad powers is still misunderstood, because "where there are two powers there must also logically be two rulers, hence in this case two gods, a good one and an evil one." But there is only one Power which streams through all that exists, animating and furthering it. This Power also streams unceasingly through man who gives direction to God’s neutral Power through his own volition and free will. This way man manages it into a good or an evil direction.

Already a long time ago Jesus had said that a good tree brings good fruit and an evil tree brings evil fruit. With man’s volition it is similar - his/her soul is either lifted upwards to the Light or pressed down to the dark depths - it all depends on how a person deals with God’s neutral power entrusted to him by God. Spiritual volition, which is in fact the same as inner feeling, is actually something that does have the ability to manage this big neutral Power.

Everything that man needs for his spiritual development is contained in this simple, easy to understand Truth. Abdrushin warns man that he has to bear full responsibility for how he chooses to make use of his free will. That means that man must suffer the consequences for all of his thoughts, words and actions. Of course, not only during this one short earthly life cycle, but also after his physical body has died.

For a better understanding and so that we may be able to make use of his words in real life, let us now hear from Abdrushin himself:

“You who often seek so strenuously to find the right way, why do you make it so hard for yourselves? In all simplicity picture to yourselves how the pure Power of the Creator flows through you, and how you guide it with your thoughts in a good or in an evil direction. There you have it all, without trouble and without racking your brain!

Consider that it lies with your simple intuitive perceiving and thinking whether this mighty Power will evoke good or evil. What a furthering or destructive power is thus given to you!

You need not exert yourselves till you perspire, you need not convulsively cling to some so-called occult practice in order to reach, through every conceivable and inconceivable physical and spiritual contortion, some stage that is completely worthless for your true spiritual upward-swinging!”

“Realize in pure joy that through your simple, good-willing intuitive perceiving and thinking you are able without effort to guide the one and mighty Power of Creation. The Power will then take effect exactly according to the nature of your intuitive perceiving and your thoughts. It works by itself, you only need to guide it. This takes place in all simplicity and simpleness. No erudition is required for this, not even reading and writing. It is given to each of you in the same degree! No difference exists in this.

Just as a child playing with a switch can turn on an electric current that produces tremendous effects, so it is given to you, through your simple thoughts, to guide the Divine Power.”

(Thoughts from the lecture: Responsibility, Abdrushin, In The Light Of Truth)